90% of Students Who Failed WB HS Promoted, WBCHSE Issues New Notice for Schools



Several class 12 students who have been declared failed by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) blocked roads and ransacked furniture of a school during protests across the state last few days. Of the 8,19,202 candidates, 97.69 per cent have passed this year. The agitating students said with no exams having taken place this year due to the COVID-19 situation, they were baffled by the evaluation process. They wondered how some examinees were declared as having passed while some others were declared unsuccessful.

About 90 per cent of the 20,000 students who failed the higher secondary examination in West Bengal class 12 results were later promoted on the basis of the new marks sent by the respective schools. This was stated by the President of the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education Board Mahua Das on Monday night. She assured that those who remained failed in different districts of the state would be looked toward with priority on the basis of their application.

Before this announcement of Mahua Das, there were protests by students in different parts of Bengal, including Kolkata, throughout the day. As the situation continues to be complicated, Chief Secretary of the state Harikrishna Dwivedi directed the district administration to take immediate action where unsuccessful students are protesting. SDOs, BDOs and district school inspectors will have to go to schools to inform the state government and the Higher Secondary Education Board regarding the steps being taken to quell the protests. They need to think regarding students future and take appropriate action. At the same time, the Chief Secretary informed that all the schools which have not yet discussed their results with the Higher Secondary Education Board, should contact the Board immediately. WBCHSE has been informed that the whole matter has to be settled by July 31.

WBCHSE president Mahua Das gives notification on Monday evening that the Higher Secondary Board has already taken appropriate action regarding the dissatisfaction of the unsuccessful students. Schools should contact the Regional Office of the Board by July 29. Students should contact the concerned school on July 30. A few hours later, Mahua Das said that 90% of the unsuccessful students are now passed with the new numbers sent by the headmasters.

According to the Board sources, 60-65 headmasters came to their office in Salt Lake, Kolkata to complain regarding the results of their school. All those complaints have been accepted. Headmasters have also sent complaints through e-mails. The marks of students in a school in Arambagh increased subsequently complaints were raised regarding the results.

The Board, however, said the assessment was based on the numbers sent by the schools. So the schools have been told that if they think that the numbers they sent were wrong or that some numbers could not be sent, then they should correct the numbers and send them again. All those numbers will be checked. The number of previously unsuccessful is being verified. Those who need to review the number, will see the matter later.

West Bengal Higher Secondary Board claimed that there was nothing wrong with their special assessment method. According to the Principals, some schools may have sent wrong numbers, but that is not the overall picture. A Head Master of a school said, “Several schools have already been found who sent the correct marks on time. Nevertheless, the manner in which the Board has evaluated shows that the candidates got 20 to 25 marks less. “

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