Brand Building, Collaboration, Credit Recognition: Know Modi Govt’s Plan to Internationalize Indian Colleges



The government is planning to make the Indian institutes at par with their global counterparts and international ranking is just one part of the picture. at the moment, the Indian institutes have been asked to ‘Internationalization at Home’. Under the ‘Internationalization of Higher Education’ guidelines issued by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India-based colleges have been asked to integrate, collaborating with international institutes, attracting foreign students, and set-up international standard facilities.

The strategy also includes the introduction of credit recognition under the twinning arrangement. Under this scheme students enrolled in higher education institutes (HEIs) in India will complete a part of their education with a partnering international institute

Colleges will also offer courses in link with foreign institutes and “develop global thinking with Indian roots”. These are part of suggestions under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Indian institutes have also been asked to work with Global Citizenship Approach to introduce the international dimension to the curriculum and endeavor to bring international competence among students and faculty. HEIs will collaborate with foreign institutes for academic and research purposes

HEIs will take up systematic brand-building campaigns to outreach to international diaspora and attract foreign students and build a good reputation. Alumni connect will be established where alumni can come and contribute to academics and different other matters.

An office of International Affairs will be set up in each university to take care of welcoming and supporting foreign students, carrying out collaborative activities, provide support service for international students among many other similar aspects

The government will conduct periodic assessments of different components of the initialization of higher education in accordance with the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The University Grants Commission (UGC) chairperson in a letter t vice-chancellors of Indian universities said, “Guidelines enumerates different strategies and initiatives and provide an excellent opportunity through a wide array of activities similar as internationally relevant curricula.” It additional added, ” Guidelines provide an excellent opportunity for global outreach of Indian Higher Education institutions. I take this opportunity to request you to come forward and take up different measures directed towards internationalisation of higher education in the larger concern of our students.”

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