CBSE Result 2021: Don’t Spike 95%+ Scorers, Schools Asked to Moderate Marks



To ensure schools perform not give the highest marks to all their students, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is aperformpting several measures. The latest extension in submitting the marks given by the board to schools was reportedly extended because many schools did not follow guidelines and a large number of students were given 95% or more marks.

The CBSE has asked schools to moderate marks to ensure fairness in the evaluation process. For the distribution of marks, the previous three years’ performances of a student will be taken as a reference to assess this year’s scores.

“To ensure comparability and fairness at a higher range of marks, schools should exercise due diligence and ensure that there is no bunching of total marks in the range of 95 and above,” CBSE said in a circular. more will be restricted to ensure that this number is not more than the number of students scoring overall marks.

One of the major concerns regarding the CBSE 12th results was the lack of uniformity across schools while marking students, considering different schools had different question papers and strictness while checking papers also varied. To level up the field for all students, a moderation policy was introduced.

CBSE 12th results 2021 are likely to have a similar number of 90% and 95% holders than last year, a drastic jump in result of any school might result in scrutiny. Last year, 1,57,934 students scored 90% or above and 38,686 students scored more than 95% marks in CBSE class 12 results.

As per this year’s evaluation policy, the class 12 results will be created on the scores obtained by students in class 10, 11, and class 12 pre boards. While 30%weightage will be given to class 10 marks, 30% weightage will also be given to class 11 marks and 40%weightage to class 12 internals and pre-board exams.

The results are set to be released on July 31. “Any differential application of policy across schools may result in either adverse impact or undue gain for some students,” the CBSE had said regarding the marking scheme.

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