Chhattisgarh Sub-inspector Hiring Stalled Since 2018, Aspirants Beg on Streets in Protest



Accusing the state government of ignoring the youth in Chhattisgarh, on Monday, July 19, the candidates of sub-inspector recruitment in the capital Raipur came out on the road and begged.

Candidates say that if they were admitted on time, there would have been two stars on their shoulders. It would have been the responsibility of handling law and order, but now they are spreading their hands in front of people on the road of Raipur.

Aspirants of Sub Inspector recruitment are angry because the recruitment process of August 2018 has been stalled. They are venting their anger against the government by begging. The youth also said that the money received through begging would be sent to the government so that the stalled recruitment process could start and they would get employment.

Angry candidates of Sub Inspector recruitment gathered at Ghari Chowk in Raipur on Monday. Abhishek Choubey said that on 23 August 2018, the vacancy was taken out for 655 posts. Against this, 1,27,402 candidates had applied.

Police recruitment has stopped since then. To prepare for this examination, many youths left their old positions. Started building physical fitness and preparing for the exam. In the meantime, many girls got married, had children, but could not be admitted. at the moment girls execute self-training in the field. Many young people are getting older. Financially too many families are facing problems.

Notification had been given for the recruitment of different posts including subedar, sub-inspector, the platoon commander. For this, more than 1.27 lakh youths had applied. A few months later, the process got stuck due to the assembly elections being held. Then when the government changed, recruitment was banned. In August 2021, it will be three years since the applications for this recruitment were submitted.

The candidates of police recruitment said that they have met every small and big minister of the government. But no one pays attention to their legitimate demand. Even if the meeting is difficult, the minister just says, let’s see… This is the first so recruitment, which has been stopped without any valid reason.

It is also not that there is any dispute related to this recruitment or any complaint has been made in the High Court as it happens in many recruitment cases. All the candidates are no longer assured they require the recruitment as soon as possible

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