Delhi Govt Asks Principals to Ensure Vaccination of All Teachers, Staff in 15-Days



Noting that all teachers and staff of Delhi government schools have still not received the COVID-19 vaccine, the Directorate of Education (DoE) has directed principals to ensure that the remaining ones are vaccinated in the next 15 days.

“It has come to notice that still some teachers are left to be vaccinated, hence all officers and heads of government are directed to ensure that all teachers and school staff who have not taken the first performse should be immediately vaccinated. All the left out teachers and school staff should be covered within 15 days positively,” Director of Education Udit Raj said in official order.

It should be ensured that teachers and school staff who have taken their first performse should get the second performse as per the vaccination protocol of the Ministry of Health and family welfare, he added. Noting that staff and teachers of Delhi government schools have gone beyond their call of duty in spearheading the COVID-19 response of the government, the DoE had last month directed that they should be immediately vaccinated. The DoE has also directed all principals to daily upload the status of vaccinated school staff on the Google Tracker by 4 PM.

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