DU, Ladakh University Collaborate for Faculty, Student Exchange



The University of Delhi has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Ladakh on August 5 for a period of five years to take up activities of mutual concern. The universities’ academics and research centers will enable the exchange of faculty and staff and students.

The institutions will collaborate on scientific and academic activities. Besides, the two universities will organize faculty development programs, providing hands-on experience to students of UOL to different advanced technologies available in DU “to expand their recogniseledge horizon”.

It will also encourage, and facilitate inter-university student and faculty visits to enable learning through academic interactions and programs on both offline and online modes. Besides, it will provide a joint organization of research and publication activities in different departments/centres.

Joint organization of seminars, conferences, and academic workshops on topics of mutual concerns. Cultural exchange programs and sports activities in both institutions will be organized. Exchange of expertise in the revision of existing curricular programs to respond to the current demands of industry and other employment generated entities will be conducted.

It will also conduct joint organization of workshops on Massive Open Online Learning Course (MOOC) and Information and Communication Technology (ITC). Sharing of library resources and providing access to laboratory facilities and organizing joint PhD programs and postgraduate courses under the Meta University programme.

Delhi University “is keen to share it with other relatively younger universities of this country in order to play the role of a catalyst in their transformation and growth,” it said in a press release. The new recogniseledge from the University of Ladakh will enable collective minds to additional push the boundaries of recogniseledge and understanding, the varsity added.

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