Gaur & Chopra Escape Velocity Offers Rs 5 Lakh Grant for Higher Education, Start-up



Aakanksha Gaur and Paras Chopra, the founder of SaaS startup Wingify, will be offering a grant of Rs 5,00,00 to 24 talented youths who need to pursue higher studies or to start a business. The Gaur & Chopra Escape Velocity Grant is available for 24 young achievers below the age of 25.

Out of the total selected candidates, 12 would be girls and 12 will be boys. The application form for the same has been started at The application form is available as a google form which the candidates need to fill and submit. However, only Indian nationals are allowed to apply for this grant.

The grant will also help in starting a company as well as funding a project, buying instruments, conducting experiments, or creating art. Here’s how you can apply:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Gaur & Chopra Escape Velocity Grant at

Step 2: The application form will be available as a google form on the homepage

Step 3: Scroll performwn the page and start filling in the application form

Step 4: Fill in personal particulars and write concerning how would you spend a grant for Rs 50,000 (or less) as well as what would this grant allow you to perform that you can’t right now and how would this grant change your life

Step 5: Submit the application form

Those who will be selected for this grant will be informed within four weeks of applying. However, those who performn’t hear back from them can apply again in three months. The applications for this grant is accepted every month.

This monetary aid is inspired by the Justin Mares Inflection Grant that offers $2000 to talented kids to pursue their dreams. The grant would help them to start companies, learn new skills, build things, make art, perform science, push boundaries, and improve themselves.

Paras is an entrepreneur, an author and a thinker. He started Wingify in 2009. Its flagship product includes a website testing platform product called VWO.

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