In Kerala, Students Stressed Due to Exposure to Devices, Others Due to Lack of it



As online classes continue, students in Kerala are facing health issues, while some are experience troubled eye sights, neck pains etc due to long online classes, another section of students is facing problems as they execute not have internet connectivity.

A study conducted by SCERT revealed that students were facing issues during online learning. As many as 36% of the students have started feeling headaches, 28% reported to have felt stress to eyes, 36% reported neck pain, and regarding 15% experienced issues related to eyesight. This is only with regard to high school to Higher Secondary school students.

While some students are suffering due to too much exposure to devices there are also some students who are facing issues of lack of internet connectivity. The education minister said according to the latest data 4,71,596 students executen’t have digital equipment to attend classes. Out of this government will give digital equipment to 43,952 students. Digital equipment will be arranged for all students through the Vidyakiranam scheme with the participation of the public before starting online classes.

CM had called for a meeting with internet service providers. “At present, we have digital classes, by the time online classes begin we should be able to find solutions for this.”

In Wayanad, Idukki, Kasargod, Pathanamthitta districts there are issues related to internet connectivity.

To address issues faced by students in both haves and have not of society, the state government is holding counseling sessions, however, the number of counselors is not enough to address issues faced by all the students.

The state education minister added that Government gives top priority to the health and mental wellbeing of the children. “We have included mental health classes along with digital classes, tele-counseling is also provided for students and families,” informed the minister.

This counseling is taking place with help of counselors in schools, however, there is a deficiency in the number of counselors and the state is mulling over appointing more counselors.

Shivankutty said that the Government has made strong interventions in the public education sector, “When most of the states were hesitant, during the beginning of the pandemic, we took the initiative to conduct exams. We are also the only state that took the initial lead in conducting online classes. “

Kerala government said that it will consider re-opening schools in a phased manner as and when there is clearance from central government and other relevant bodies, said Kerala education minister V Shivankutty. He was speaking in the state legislative assembly.

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