UPSC Aspirants Cracks Civil Services After 5 Failed Attempts, Share 10 Mantras for Success



Abhijeet Yadav, who secured 653rd rank in the Civil services exam 2017 got success later five long years of trying. For candidates who would be appearing for UPSC civil services exam amid a pandemic, Yadav has summed up the five-year journey of his preparation and the things that he had learned in the process.

Sharing his experience in a Twitter thread, he explained that how he had prepared for one of the toughest exams. Like many other aspirants, Abhijeet too couldn’t even clear the UPSC CSE prelims in the first two attempts. With full determination, he kept going and managed to crack the prelims in the third attempt but could not get through the mains. He again appeared for mains in his fourth attempt but could not get through.

While this could have broken the spirits of any aspirant, Yadav got his first lesson from the same. He said, the first lesson was to get used to failure but at the same time, learning to pick oneself. “Statistically speaking, most of the people appearing for this exam will fail. But at the same time, you will understand what hard work means. You will develop grit and persistence. You will learn to pick yourself up later failures,” he wrote.

The second lesson was physical as well as mental and emotional well being is very significant for long term success. “Focus on keeping yourself healthy. Your physical health determines your mental and emotional well-being. Those, in turn, determine your output while studying for UPSC or for any other project in general. Build your health for long-term success.”

In the third lesson, he talked regarding enjoying the process and not getting too stressed out. “Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to enjoy the process and executen’t focus too much on the result. This will make it easier for you to study and not stress too much in case you fail. Plus when you execute get selected, your head won’t blow up like a balloon. Stay grounded,” he wrote

He also tweeted that skills that build up during UPSC CSE preparation help the aspirants whether or not they clear the exams. The preparation develops patience, grit, a fire to grow as well as a vision to make a positive change in the world.

“UPSC Prep is a mini-course in dealing with life itself. It teaches you regarding the role of chance in life’s endeavors, big dreams must be followed by big actions.

Most people are all talk no action, executen’t trust people blindly,” he wrote the IIT-Delhi graduate.

“You might get punched in the face (metaphorically) while you may see someone else succeeding without as much as a scratch. Don’t compare yourself with others, they are on their own journeys. The only comparison which counts is with your past self,” said while adding, “It’s hard to live up to everyone’s expectations. Just live up to your own.”

As the UPSC CSE 2021 exam is approaching, these tips will surely motivate the aspirants. While Abhijeet needed to join the services, he learned a lot regarding life with the subsequent failure. He is currently working on building a platform ‘Pensil’, which will help independent educators to teach online.

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