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flexible staffing

Flexible staffing refers to temporary or contract-based employment arrangements, offering greater adaptability

Full Time Hiring

Full-time hiring refers to offering permanent employment to a candidate, typically with fixed work hours and benefits.

Verified Employer

Verified employer refers to an employer who has been vetted and authenticated by a third-party agency.

Managed Solutions

Managed solutions refer to outsourcing a specific business function to an external vendor for expert management.

Executive Search

Executive search refers to a specialized recruitment process for top-level executive positions in an organization.

Compare Salaries

Compare salaries allows you to compare the average salary for a specific job title in different locations.

Companion person

Our Magic Team

Deepak Singh

Founder & CEO
Visionary leader, innovative, risk-taker, strategic, persistent, adaptable, decisive, empathetic, accountable, results-driven.

Sahitya Rai

Being Expert advice to Candidates, problem solving, strategy development, industry knowledge, client-focused.

Sunil Ranjan

Promote products, create strategies, analyze trends, engage customers, increase brand awareness, drive sales.

Rubika Sinha

Designer: creative professional crafting visuals, experiences, products, solving problems through innovative, aesthetic solutions.

Ramesh Singh

Skilled problem solver, creates software, proficient in programming languages, adapts to technology trends, team player.

Anya Kavya

PR Manager
PR Manager: cultivates positive public image, crafts messaging, manages media relations, organizes events, mitigates crises.

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